Who Will Install It?
A2Z Energy has over 20 years experience in the solar field. We would be happy to come out and give you an estimate on your solar needs.

Will I have power during a power outage?
There are systems that work during power outages, depending on your needs and budget, A2Z Energy can help you design a system that meets your needs.

What are the benefits of Solar Electricity?
1. California has net metering which allows you to sell back electricity to your utility.
2. Your systems will reduce your high peak rate usage.
3. Solar stabilizes your energy costs.
4. California Energy Rebate still available
5. Federal Tax credits for 30% of cost.
6. Solar power is environmentally correct.
7. Many systems have no moving parts

What size system should I have installed?
First you need 12 months of utility bills; on the bill there may be as many as 5 tiers. You want to purchase a system that provides solar electric to reduce your energy consumption in higher tiers.

Environmental Facts:
Installing a 1 kilowatt (peak power) solar electric system will result in reducing emissions over a 25 year period. Carbon Dioxide 49,5000 lbs.
Nitrous Oxide 125 lbs.
Sulfur Dioxide 400 lbs.

A2Z Energy solar electric systems are designed to provide an efficient and convenient source of environmentally safe “Green” power for home or office. The systems are designed as strictly a supplemental power source which produces electricity – matched to local utility power in voltage, frequency, and phase.

A2Z Energy systems will reduce your usage of utility power by producing its own power to support electrical requirements for any electrical appliance. An example of this would be: solar electric systems will run PG&E meter backwards as they feed extra electricity back to PG&E. At night or on cloudy days you can use the extra power that you have credited with PG&E (this is known as net metering). Net metering allows you the maximum benefit of your solar electric system by letting you use the power 24 hours a day. A2Z can design a system for your budget.