About A2Z Energy - Contractor License # 798176

A2Z Energy provides consulting services, analysis, planning,
installation and maintenance for all your Solar Energy requirements.

We specialize in Photovoltic, Solar Pools, Solar Hot Water

Why Choose A2Z Energy

1. A2Z Energy is your local company serving northern California
2. Free on site evaluation, not just a quote for a solar electric system, we will help identify your energy loads, it’s cheaper to conserve than to produce electricity
3. We only use the best products in the industry; we evaluate the manufacture, the product, and the product track record.
4. A2Z Energy uses the product we sell and are constantly evaluating all of our products.
5. A2Z Energy has been working with solar electric panels since 1984 which means around even after your warranty expires.
6. A2Z Energy has been working with solar hot water systems since 1978
7. A2Z Energy is a licensed solar contractor(C-46 #798176)
8. A2Z Energy is bonded and insured
9. A2Z Energy is not limited to solar electric, we also work with solar hot water and solar pool heating.
10. Factory training from Solarex (now BP Solar), Endecon Engineering Certified (Designing and Installing Code-Compliant PV Systems), Wirsbo Design & Installation, Glowcore Design & Installation, Outback Design& Installation and Schneider Electric.